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About us
At Flatfile, we believe that humans shouldn’t have to struggle to use the data that drives our work forwards. We create beautiful, human-centric experiences to remove the barriers between people and data. We’re automating every repetitive and painstaking process involved in teaching machines what data is and where it should go.
What do a grocery store, an early-stage e-commerce startup, and Fortune 500 insurance company all have in common? They are all Flatfile customers, for one.
Regardless of segment or geography, accessing usable data quickly is a baseline requirement for operating your business today. Flatfile serves as a crucial bridge between messy, 3rd party data and our customers’ systems. We call this data onboarding, and we view it as both a challenge and an opportunity to serve every company in the world.
About the role
Sales Engineering at Flatfile is a critical component of our Go-to-Market engine. We partner with Account Executives to help win more deals, while also helping improve our sales motions for greater efficiency and growth. We are agents of change, constantly improving our product expertise and knowledge of use cases, then sharing our insights with Enablement and Product teams to support Flatfile’s evolution. 
In this role, you’ll be the primary technical resource for the Sales Team, helping Account Executives deliver compelling product demonstrations that speak to prospective customer use cases. As a founding member of the Sales Engineering team, you will help shape how we sell, and help improve our processes and enablement materials over time as our products and market evolve.

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