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Product Engineer (React/Ruby on Rails)

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Posted 13 days ago

What we’re building:’s goal is to make finding hiring a top freelancer with any skill imaginable as easy as booking an Uber.

This means providing instant recommendations of talent based on complex client queries across hundreds of specialist skills - backed by a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

We’ve made tonnes of progress towards this goal and have been growing fast, doing 7 figures in bookings since launch. Our clients include companies like Stack Overflow, University of Maryland and SAP, and a number of freelancers have earned over $100,000 from their work on Advisable. Clients love our service with an average freelancer rating of 9.33/10.

However, we’re just getting started and we recently raised $2.5m in additional funding from Frontline Ventures, FJ Labs and some of Europe’s leading angels, including the founders of Supercell and Pipedrive.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a product engineer to join our team, with a particular focus on front-end development.

You’ll be responsible for building out new core experimental features, as well as improving existing features.

  • React: you have experience building frontend applications with React. This is where you will spend most of your time. Our entire frontend is built with React and GraphQL
  • Ruby on Rails: you’ve built or contributed to complex Ruby on Rails applications in the past
  • Design-orientation: strong intuition about product design and a zeal for sweating the details
  • Startup-friendly: excited to work in a fast-paced startup environment
  • High integrity: we want people we can fully trust
  • Owner-mentality: you feel a strong sense of ownership in projects you participate in
  • Problem-solving mindset: you’re like to think of creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Product-oriented mindset: you have an appreciation for well-made, beautiful products
  • Great communicator: you’re an excellent communicator, particularly written
  • Fast-learner: you’re willing and able to pick new tools technologies up quickly
  • Nice to have:

    • Product design experience: significant experience in product design and user experience
    • GraphQL: you have experience working with GraphQL APIs
    • Back-end experience: Our app is a single Rails application. Knowing you're way around a rails application is a big plus
    • You should apply if:

      • You’re passionate about building great products: you want to build an outstanding product that users love.
      • You want to build something with impact: you want what you build to have a significant impact on real people. 
      • You want to share in the success you help build: we believe in giving significant equity to everyone working with us. 
      • You believe in creating win-win scenarios at scale: we’ll only succeed if everyone wins from every interaction. 
      • You believe in constantly striving: we’re constantly working to be better and improving every element of what we do.
      • You’re passionate about learning: learning is essential to what we do so we offer a €50/month book allowance.
      • You want to work with an A+ team: our team has scaled startups that have sold to Google, built beautiful products across a range of industries, managed leading accelerators, and also worked in the traditional consultancy world.
      • You want to work remotely: we’re remote-friendly and offer €1,000 for you to kit out your remote-work setup.
      • While getting to know the team: you’re going to be working closely with the team so we have biannual team get-togethers to get to know each other.
      • You value autonomy responsibility: while working effectively with the team is key, we want people we can trust to be responsible for their own work.
      • You want to help shape our culture: we’re still a small team so every hire will help shape our culture and company as we grow.
      • You have a long-term outlook: we’re working towards building something significant for the long-term. 
      • You want to live a good life: while working hard is important, we believe that building something significant shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal life. 
      • Interested? 

        Fill out a brief application here. We’ll get back to you with feedback within 24 hours.

        Really Interested?

        Include a link to a short video introducing yourself, your background and why you’re interested in working with Advisable for us to get a feel for your personality.

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