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Posted about 1 year ago

At Podia, we’re building the best platform on the planet for creators to sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads.

We’ve been around for a few years, have helped creators earn millions, and we’re growing fast…

…really fast.

That’s where you come in 😉

We’re looking for a full-stack Rails developer with a propensity for modern frontend development — you’ll be happy writing Ruby but can also turn around and wrangle a Webpack config file or refactor some hairy React code.

You’ll help us ship faster, get more done and make big improvements to our platform


What you’ll work on:

  • Expanding the breadth and depth of our product features 🏗️
  • Polishing our existing features to improve our users’ experience 🖌️
  • Bugs happens… you’ll help us resolve them 🐛
  • Refactoring the internals to keep the code easy to work with 🔨
  • Improving our test suite to give us more confidence to ship 🚨
  • Writing and maintaining payment and API integrations 📇
  • Here are some of the technologies we use:

    • Ruby on Rails
    • PostgreSQL
    • Sprinklings of Javascript and Stimulus, where necessary
    • React, for the occasional feature that requires it
    • Webpacker, Bootstrap, and npm to manage our UI code
    • Redis, for caching and background queues
    • Sidekiq for background processing
    • Heroku for hosting the app
    • We also maintain integrations with many third-party APIs (PayPal, Stripe, Zapier and Drip, just to name a few)
    • You probably don’t have experience in all these technologies, and that’s okay! Rails is the core of our tech stack and you’ll also bring other experience to the role.

      S ome other things you should be comfortable with:

      • Multiple competing (and sometimes shifting) priorities 😅
      • Communicating your work clearly in Slack, GitHub pull requests, or a pairing session ✍️
      • Lending a hand to your teammates (and customers) when the need arises. We’re tightly knit and supporting each other is a huge priority ✨
      • Learning quickly, and developing confidently—because nothing is “someone else’s job” 🦝
      • Staying calm under pressure. You remain cool even when Rollbar errors are pouring into slack, background jobs die, and the app grinds to a halt 🆘
      • Working remotely. Our team is spread across North America and Western Europe (you should be in one of those two regions), and our headquarters is Slack 🌎


      Why work at Podia?

      • Ultimate flexibility. We try to have some overlap time every day, but outside of that work whenever wherever you work best 🗺️
      • Extreme autonomy. No micro-managing here. You’ll be given high-level direction and then left to solve it the way you feel is best. You’re the expert! 📚
      • That said, the rest of the team is always ready to lend a hand — or even an ear if you just need to rubber duck some ideas 💡
      • You get to work with a small, highly-talented team that has built — and continues to build — our product with care.We’re not one of those “hire all the devs!” organizations that tries to grow too quickly 🎨
      • Whether it’s fixes, small tweaks, or substantial features, we deploy often. There’s zero red tape to slow you down 🚀
      • We have a rapidly growing base of passionate customers. Your work will be seen and appreciated by many people❤️
      • Competitive compensation. We want to hire the best people, and we’re ready to pay for them 💰
      • Great benefits including three weeks paid vacation (plus another week during the December holidays), sabbaticals every three years, professional development credit, paid family leave, and more 😃
      • (Paid for) annual retreats to spend time with the team and have fun together. This year’s retreat is in Washington, DC! ✈️
      • Interested in joining our team?

        We’d love to chat 😃

        We’ll ask for professional references (both a co-worker and a manager) from any finalist candidates.

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