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Full Stack Web Developer

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Posted 8 months ago

Work Location

Home Office or any SUSE Location near the CET Timezone

Our Product

At this position you will work on the Open Build Service (OBS). A Linux release engineering platform to collaborate on building and distributing software. The OBS helps SUSE to ship software to its customers. For a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures.

Our Team

We are a team of Web Developers spread all over Europe. Most of us work from home, a few of us you find in the SUSE headquarter in Nuremberg/Germany. All of us focus on the full stack that makes up our application. From UI/UX design using HTML/CSS/Javascript, over Creating Business Logic with Ruby on Rails to Data Modeling on our SQL database. We also practice the DevOps culture and Operate Observe our code in production environments. This means each and every one of us takes care of the complete life cycle of the code we produce. We conceive, write, test, instrument, deploy, roll back and debug our code! We also believe in the agile principles and organize our work together in the SCRUM framework.

This position will report to the Engineering Manager of the team, Hendrik Vogelsang.

Our Values

Here is what we identify as our team culture and how those attitudes translate into our daily practices. We are looking for people whose personal values have some overlap with ours. We value: Customers. By understanding peoples’ goals, needs and their limitations. Everything we build and change, everything we do, we do for the people using our product. Diversity, pluralism and freedom of choice. We think differences, not uniformity, in origin, circumstance and experience make people, the practice of software development and in the end, our product interesting. We believe it takes a diverse set of people to produce a product truly useful for everyone. Ownership. Instead of hiding behind processes, or driving relentlessly towards individual goals, we take ownership of the entire situation. We do that when things go smooth but also when things go wrong. No matter if they were in, or out of our control. No matter if that hurts and bruises our ego. It was never anyone else’s fault, it was ours. We believe ownership is how we respect others. Collaboration. By working toward shared goals, in a horizontal structure with flexible leadership. We do not only share results with each other, but how we got there. We constantly reflect our behavior and how it brings everyone else forward with us. We win together, we lose together. Quality. By taking due time, avoiding shortcuts, pacing ourselves. By being critical of what we do and by welcoming critique from others. We always leave our code base, processes and team better than we have found it. Community. By curiously exploring what other people inside and outside this industry think, do and produce. We expose ourselves to all kinds of ideas and openly share our own views. We strive for personal growth by continuously learning about other people, technology, development methodologies and efforts. We are open minded, always evolving adventurers


Apart from the usual benefits of working for an established software engineering enterprise (competitive pay, rewards, established career ladder etc.) we can make the following happening for you. We are all about a healthy work life balance. You join a company that’s still growing fast and yet is over a quarter century old. We didn’t get here by burning out people. At SUSE we believe that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. That is why we provide flexible working hours, a flexible vacation policy and access to professional life career coaching. We’ll give our best to help you maximize your well-being, because we are in it for the long run. We are all about creating opportunities for personal growth. You will have a personal budget for autonomous learning (O’Reilly/Linkedin Learning etc.) and for visiting industry events. The team spends every other Friday afternoon together sharing what they got inspired by. We frequently practice pair programming and kick off projects in mob programming. Every week you will have the opportunity to attend exciting lunch learn sessions by SUSE industry experts. We also run company wide hackathons (Hack Week) multiple times a year where you are free to work on any activity of your passion for a week! We want you to become a better engineer. We are all about hacker culture following the community best practices. Most things you do for SUSE will be open source. We expect you to contribute back upstream. We encourage you to openly share your own views with the global Free Software community. That means you can spend the majority of your work time on your public track record. Your public code and collaboration will be your next resume!

Your Responsibilities

We are looking for someone with strong Ruby on Rails experience. You should also be well-versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Experience with site reliability is a plus but not a requirement. We require a strong proficiency in English (spoken and written) and the ability to convey what you want to other people. You might have a computer science degree, you might not have any formal education like that. That is not what we are looking for. You might have spend 20 years in our industry or 2. That is not what matters to us. We care about what you can do and how you do it, not about how you got here.

Here is what the team does day in day out:

Public Open Source Software Development

As the Open Build Service is a Free Software project, you ideally have a background in this development method.

• Implementing features/bug fixes for the product • Improve quality and lower technical debt of the product

• Review and evaluate code/issue submissions from other developers and customers

• Cooperate with the team and other stakeholders to align plans in an agile fashion

• Document features, workflows and concepts

Site Reliability Engineering

As we are practicing the DevOPS culture, you ideally know how to do

• Continuous integration of the product with other software in the stack

• Continuous deployment

• Monitoring the health and performance of deployments

• Incident management

• Infrastructure management

Job Summary

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