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Full Stack Web Developer

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Posted 9 months ago

You'll be collaborating with the lead developer of a bespoke e-commerce platform. Working to both support and extend the platform's capabilities, you will implement new backend features to help Sunrise Brands meet its goals in wholesale, retail, and online marketplaces. You will also participate in the design, architecture, and delivery of new customer facing features to provide a great web-based UX.

As this will be a team of two, you should be comfortable with a high degree of self-sufficiency. Debugging, problem solving, clear communication, and an eye for detail are a must. With limited access to UI/UX design resources, you should also have an eye for user interfaces, or at least an ability to follow/extend existing design patterns.

Proficiency in Ruby on Rails, React, GraphQL, and e-commerce concepts are required. 

Daily responsibilities will include:

* Bug fixes, writing tests

* Building tools/features to support our internal users (customer service, marketing, accounting, and warehouse staff)

* Integrating with third-party services where necessary to fulfill business requirements

* Extending/optimizing the GraphQL schema as needed

* Working on the frontend to maintain a performant site and improve the customer shopping experience via new features and optimizations to the existing UX


* Ruby on Rails, GraphQL (Apollo/Relay), React, CSS-in-JS

* Experience with relational databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL 

* Experience with background job processing and a variety of caching strategies 

* Experience with Git and GitHub

* Experience with e-commerce platforms/concepts (credit card processing, order fulfillment, inventory management, etc).

* Experience with consuming and integrating third party APIs

* At least a basic familiarity of installing and working with Docker.

Desired skills:

* Experience with CI/CD and DevOps

* Experience with EC2, S3, and CloudFront

* Experience with cloud orchestration (docker swarm/kubernetes)

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Los Angeles, CA, US Location

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