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Full Stack Ruby On Rails Developer

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Posted 8 months ago

We are seeking full-time full stack software development professionals with the commitment, skill and work ethic necessary to join the A-team. 

You will collaborate with ownership, executives and users to help shape our product and deliver new features monthly. With everything you develop you will be building our future success, improving our effectiveness, and making our users happier.

You are critical to our success, leveraging your skill, knowledge and dedication to build the applications that will make us more than we are today.

While delivering fantastic outcomes through Agile processes you will further develop your skills and knowledge. You will be pushed to solve ever more complex problems and continually make things better.

You will work under the tutelage of our Team Lead, and developer extraordinaire, and alongside other like minded professionals. 

You have the option of working in one of our three offices alongside other team members, 100% remote in the comfort of your most effective environment, or a hybrid of the two based on your location.

Skills Requirements

You are a champion of writing excellent code to solve complex business problems and process automation. You get excited about the challenge of creating new integrations with other systems to enhance our capabilities and find new ways to leverage existing features.

You are eager to learn, but have a solid foundation of experience to bring to the team. You are able to integrate logic into our design system driven web application pages while delivering the content from MSSQL via Ruby on Rails.

Job Summary

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Roslyn Heights, NY, US Location

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