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Posted about 1 year ago

We are upgrading our very simple CMS offering for community organisations.

It is built on Ruby on Rails v4 along with Bootstrap, HAML, Javascript and Coffeescript. It is a monolith and we want an updated version that is maintainable, small/fast and scalable ;)

We think more like @dhh and don't want to React/Angular'ise the platform.

# Responsibilities

We need someone to **help us update from this page:** 


**Into something that looks like this:**

[Desktop Views](

[Mobile Views](

We have a custom rolled CMS that integrates in with our events, membership, commerce, meetings platform and providing feedback to our Product manager on our UX and performance is critical.

We are primarily remote (although most of us are in Melbourne, Australia with one of us being in the Ukraine so high quality communication and being able to document your thoughts and actions is critical for our success (and sanity).

We use Trello, Github, Slack, Airbrake, CI, AWS, MySQL along with some of the other usual culprits.




- Australian timezone (so anywhere in Asia is fine)

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Melbourne, VIC, AU Location

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