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Posted 2 months ago

We, at Rasayel (, are a small, sharp-focused and deliberate team. We built Rasayel to connect businesses to the most popular messaging channels (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc) out there. We started small with a stellar group of designers, engineers, and product folks. We do dream big, and we have plenty of big plans and we have just closed our seed round with some ambitious investors in the US & EU. We want to tackle our next set of exciting challenges in the next years to come and this is where YOU come in the picture, we want your help for us to do so. You will get to work with product, engineering and design folks who are ex Intercom, and Instabug as well as folks who built popular open source libraries like vee-validate. We are open, kind, inclusive and forward thinking. You will find zero of the big tech co bureaucracies or politics. We are all about good, calm but ambitious and meaningful work. :)

About the role,

We are looking to hire a Founding Software Engineer to join our small distributed team team around different parts of Ireland, Egypt, and Canada. Ideally, we are looking for a generalist, someone who can wear many hats, someone who is pragmatic, a product engineer at heart and most importantly, who thinks from first principles ( We work remotely, and so this is a 100% remote role. You can choose to work anywhere you’d like having few hours overlapping with GMT+0.

Here are few pieces of work you will have a chance to work on,

  • Building on top of our new not-yet-fullly-launched omnichannel messaging platform.
  • Building infrastructure for hosting open source protocol messaging clients.
  • Building a Bot framework that works across all popular message channels.
  • Building a connection with new messaging platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, etc.
  • Building and releasing open source Ruby SDKs for some of the popular messaging channels out there.
  • Grokking through our GraphQL layer or measuring queries performance.
  • Rearchitecting improving our internal messaging pipeline.
  • Building Public APIs Webhooks for our messaging channels.
  • Get us approved for a SOC Type I and II compliance
  • And many more equally exciting and challenging projects!
  • We have just launched our product that have been gaining some great momentum with our customers and you’ll get to be a big part of it. 🙌

    About you,

    A little bit about what we think can be a good fit for us,

    - You are a product engineer at heart.

    - You have worked with Ruby on Rails.

    - You aren’t afraid to dabble into Rails internals if you need to.

    - You worked extensively with PostgreSQL, and you can write raw SQL if you need to.

    - You worked with REST, GraphQL APIs and you can put an argument for using one over the other.

    - You aren’t afraid to work with Javascript, Typescript and/or Vue.js.

    - You understand the value of writing tests, as an investment for the future.

    - You have worked with any cloud provider, preferably AWS.

    - You have worked with Docker, and preferably touched on AWS ECS.

    - You have did your some share of DevOps work. The more the merrier.

    - You write your code with empathy for your fellow Engineers, and for future readers.

    - You favour simplicity.

    - You have are self-driven, and can self-manage.

    - You can write and communicate in English succinctly. You wrote technical plans before, we do write a lot.

    - You love to take on complex problems, and you don’t shy away from fixing issues.

    - You have some remote experience, and you understand its challenges.

    - You can take, and give feedback openly.

    - You are kind, and there is ≥5% a chance we will see you smile. :)

    - You like to work in a small team, and have direct ownership of your work.

    - You think of technology, not as an ideology but rather as means to push value into the world.

    Your engineering skills are as important as your entrepreneurial skills to us. We value generalists who can take a problem from its most ambiguous state and deliver its end value to solve a real world problem for our customers. If you reach out, leave something personal so we know you actually read this. 😉

    About pay benefits,

    • Competitive salary, and meaningful equity
    • 100% remote, stress-free and friendly environment.
    • Reimbursing your monthly internet bill fitness subscription.
    • A new laptop and the equipment that you will need.
    • Health insurance in your country of residence, or salary compensation for it.
    • We don’t have middle managers, we will work to enable you be successful and get out of the way.
    • You’ll have the opportunity to have a massive impact due to our size and being an early stage.
    • No recruitment agencies, and no middleman of any kind. We never go through an agency to talk to people who want to work with us.
    • Be sure to mention the word MARVELOUSNESS when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they’re human.

      Salary and compensation

      $80,000 — $120,000/year


      🌏 Worldwide

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