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DevOps Engineer, Team Lead

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We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that businesses, governments, and other institutions have a responsibility to protect sensitive content. Our award-winning privacy products make it easy for organizations to fulfill this obligation and share their data with confidence.

Virtru Co-Founder, Will Ackerly, developed the Trusted Data Format (TDF) – the open source standard that underpins all Virtru products – so that federal agencies could securely share top secret information.

At Virtru, we’ve taken this powerful data protection standard and integrated it with everyday applications, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, to make it easy to protect sensitive information.

Today, millions of individuals and more than 5,000 organizations trust Virtru to secure the information that they create, share, and store. From hospitals to media giants to government organizations, Virtru makes personal and business privacy a reality. Read the full Virtru story featured in Fortune.


Automation, orchestration, disaster recovery, extreme high availability… These are the problems that fuel your curiosity. You want to make beautiful software that continuously delivers and deploys other beautiful software. This is where you want to be. We are looking for leaders to build a team.

Here at Virtru you’ll help build a cutting edge security software platform made for actual humans, whilst getting your hands on some of today’s most important tools and tech like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Elasticsearch and a plethora of other tools and services. We put a high value on input from everyone on our team, your voice will immediately have a significant impact. With a constantly growing customer base, there is no shortage of challenging and exciting scaling/optimization work to ensure that we can provide the most secure and performant service.

Get in touch if you are excited to help us grow our infrastructure into a world-class service.


  • Design, build and maintain AWS infrastructure

  • Manage highly available services in a hybrid VM and microservice environment

  • Participate in architecting and building our next generation infrastructure, using kubernetes

  • Work with other engineers to build and improve CI/CD pipelines for service management

  • Participate in incident response, including on call duties

  • Add operational insights into service and system design, during planning phases

  • Identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in existing systems, to increase operational maturity

  • Participate in on-call rotation for debugging and addressing any production issues which might arise.


    • A passion for mentoring and developing engineers along their personal development path

    • Experience leading at least a 3 person team for 1+ years

    • Experience developing tools with a dynamic language (Javascript, Python, Ruby, etc.).

    • Minimum 3 years demonstrable experience designing and maintaining large deployments in a public cloud environment.

    • Minimum 3 years experience using configuration management software such as Ansible, Salt, Puppet, or Chef.

    • Experience working with RESTful APIs.

    • Strong understanding of software design patterns.

    • Strong understanding/experience with Linux system administration.

    • Good communication skills.


      • Experience designing, managing, and deploying immutable infrastructure using Docker.

      • We are actively moving our entire application infrastructure to Kubernetes and could use someone with experience to guide the team without fighting a learning curve at the same time.

      • Experience managing CI/CD systems.

      • Strong Ansible experience.

      • Experience with Terraform to manage AWS resources.

      • Security focused.

      • Strong analytical and creative abilities.

      • We are looking for teammates who can problem solve and suggest solutions as opposed to just implementing a plan they are given.

      • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.

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Washington, DC, US Location

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