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About Harvest

Harvest is an independent software company that makes tools to help businesses run more smoothly. We believe that businesses only succeed by using their time intentionally. Our products support our customers through time tracking, reporting, and forecasting features.

Harvest started in 2006 as a team of three and has grown to today’s current team of over 60 with Harvesters working from around the globe. We’ve worked as a remote team since the beginning and we continue to hire the right people for the job no matter where they call home.

We also strive to create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, included, and heard. One important aspect of this is continuing to create spaces for diverse life experiences and work histories. If you are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in tech, business, and society in general, we want to meet you and we encourage you to apply.

Why We’re Hiring

At Harvest, you’ll be working with a team of honest and respectful engineers who value giving and receiving feedback and trust that they can count on each other.

Harvest Engineering consists of Product Engineering and Platform Engineering. Within Platform Engineering there are currently two teams, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Data and Security Engineering (DSE).

The Data and Security Engineering (DSE) team is responsible for providing infrastructure and tooling that supports both internal and external data science and security needs. On the data engineering side, much of their work involves creating pipelines from various systems and tools, processing the incoming data and pushing it into our data warehouse for future consumption. For security, engineers use and/or build tools and partner with external vendors to assess various threats to Harvest and our customers’ data. They then work to improve our applications and build additional tooling to keep us safe.

We are currently looking for a Data Engineer to help evolve the data infrastructure at Harvest.

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