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locked [Reminder][] CFP closes in 1.5 weeks! Tobias Pfeiffer 0
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locked Mailing lists need to be migrated off Codehaus Charles Nutter 15
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locked Gracefully shutting down JRuby app on Tomcat Jose R. 3
locked [ANN] Ruboto 1.3.0 released! Uwe Kubosch 0
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locked JRubyConf.EU - CFP is open! Tobias Pfeiffer 0
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locked Java 8 and Invoke Dynamic on Heroku John B. 2
locked JRuby will apply for Google Summer of Code 2015 Charles Nutter 1
locked is happening again! 31st of July, Berlin Germany Tobias Pfeiffer 0
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locked Help For JrubyFX Parham Taheri 10
locked JRuby 9000 and Ruby 2.1 Jesse Proudman 2
locked Odd issue w/ JRuby 9k + Travis CI Jesse Proudman 4
locked accessing fields from class Roderich T. 0
locked [ANN] ruby-pg for JRuby John Shahid 4
locked JRuby Head Broken? Keith B. 3
locked ANN: jruby_art-0.2.2.pre.gem Martin Prout 0
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locked query does not return ResultSet while running spec Chandra Sekhar 2
locked JRuby complete, multi-threading, and java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Greg Allen 7
locked [ANN] R2CORBA 1.5.1 released. Martin Corino 0
locked How do I fix RuntimeException: callback-style handles are no longer supported in JRuby? Laura B. 3
locked Rails 4.2: NoMethodError: undefined method `type' for "numeric":String Andy Joel 0
locked JRuby and JNI Martin Ennemoser 0
locked JRuby 1.7.19 Released Thomas E Enebo 0
locked jsr223 legacy behaviour Francesco Malvezzi 2
locked accessing the session from the model Aristedes Maniatis 2
locked anyone use rack-timeout? John B. 2
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locked Bundler super-slow: can't use dependency API Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 10
locked Debugging JRuby running within a Java process Chason Choate 3
locked JRuby pitch for Java developers? Tobias Pfeiffer 3
locked Shoes 4.0.0.pre3 released! Tobias Pfeiffer 0
locked NameError: uninitialized constant Krypt::Provider::JDK Andy Joel 1
locked JRuby: gem install paths not working compared to Ruby Johan Wasserman 8