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News Abrolag 1
Compiling a list of active Inkscape IRC channels Maren Hachmann 1
Batch export is saving the files where? Perry Kappetein 9
thank you Joanne Rancourt 2
file Joanne Rancourt 2
help with font Joanne Rancourt 2
Exported images' colors won't match colors displayed in Inkscape Juha Salo 1
How to set default fill and stroke for texts? Chris Green 8
Re: Batch export is saving the files where? unknown 0
Save selected image Perry Kappetein 2
Pixelate an svg using filters Antonio Roberts 1
Re: Urgent help needed + Erase possible? Perry Kappetein 5
sadness for photorealistic artists Brynn 4
Urgent help needed Perry Kappetein 4
Inkscape continues to default to a font not on my system (Xubuntu 14.04) Gregory Lemon 1
Converting text color. John Culleton 1
tutorial Joanne Rancourt 2
Tesselation lines in svg Pantxo Diribarne 2
cannot do characters for text? Perry Kappetein 1
GLowing Text and version Perry Kappetein 5
Automatic replacement of ss Stefan Mueller 2
Saving as PDF creates a very large file Stephane Eybert 8
[Fwd: Website Feedback] Martin Owens 1
Mirror symmetry on Lattice 2 LPE Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz 5
only 1 filter possible when grouped? Perry Kappetein 0
Turning a clone into a regular object? Brian Burger 1
New extension to edit objects from string Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz 0
copy / paste? Perry Kappetein 6
New feature "Interactive Smooth Pencil" Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz 2
A couple of questions. Michael Dilvish 1
new feature worth requesting - Find/Dropper/Selection ? Brynn 2
View > Page Grid 0.91 Brynn 0
Material Design icon set to use as inkscape 0.91 symbols Xaviju Julián 5
Automatically adding xlink refs based on text in the .svg file Peter Brooks 13
Re: Change default page size? unknown 0
Re: New to this unknown 0
Change default page size? Perry Kappetein 1
New to this unknown 4
Regarding Inkscape in Indian languages chandrakant dhutadmal 3
Removing "intersection"box from cursor. Robert Dering 0
Symbols functionality in 0.91 Kjell Lindbo 2
Re: New to this unknown 0
Vertical alignment of anchors of text objects Angel Tsankov 5
font bug, inkscape 0.91 julien dellier 2
Version 0.91 Frequent crashes Steve 2
building a team of Inkscape forum representatives Brynn 1
Version 0.91 Frequent crashes Steve 1
GSOC 2015 application - vouch for Valentina? Susan Spencer 0
Thinking of attending SCALE 13x? Inkscape booth could use your help. Jon A. Cruz 1
Asset creation for SCALE 13x conference Jon A. Cruz 0
Installing Inkscape for use by Cygwin command line Brenton Horne 0