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ubuntu SourceView Dobai-Pataky Balint 4
Can CellRendererCombo do individual rows? Eric C. 7
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seek_simple method for Gstreamer Vincent Carmona 0
Gtk3: how to use Gtk::DrawingArea Windows Carlo E. Prelz 9
[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.1.2 Kouhei Sutou 0
[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.1.1 Kouhei Sutou 0
[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.1.0 Kouhei Sutou 5
FileChooserDialog raising warnings on Windows Michel Demazure 6
Headless running Segfault "Chloé Desoutter" <> 7
The variant attribute seems not to work well. ashbb shoeser 2
Gtk::FileChooserDialog Grant Schoep 0
TreeView vertical spacing Michel Demazure 1
How to query a Gtk::Window for its current height and width? Robert Heiler 2
Scope problem with signals and MiniTest Phil Thompson 3
[Poppler] Segfault on find_dest "Chloé Desoutter" <> 1
Embedding an Audio player or a Video player in a ruby-gtk app Robert Heiler 2
Is it time to announce the Github repository on ruby-talk? Nikolai Weibull 8
question about modal window hendra kusuma 2
GTK Table - attach to table but minimal rows? Robert Heiler 2
Question about Gtk::Builder and connect_signals Jon R. 4
bigger font size hendra kusuma 9
Best way of dealing with progressbars Nikolai Weibull 5
Cleaning up requires in glib2.rb Nikolai Weibull 0
change color of greyed widget hendra kusuma 2
rg3 / girffi Guillaume Cottenceau 4
Where / how do I submit fixes for rbbr? unknown 0
Position Gtk::Window where on the screen? Robert Heiler 3
GitHub account Kouhei Sutou 12
How to get xid on Windows? ashbb shoeser 9
Converting array of Strings to C array of strings Nikolai Weibull 9
Howto install gstreamer gem on windows Regis d'Aubarede 4
Ruby 1.9 Threading Support Geoff Youngs 3
Is the thread-handling tip relevant in Ruby 1.9? Nikolai Weibull 1
Fwd: ruby-gnome2/ruby-gnome2 Remove generated files Nikolai Weibull 2
please don't use non ASCII character in source Kouhei Sutou 2
Fix for GLib::Spawn regression Geoff Youngs 1
rubyWax 0.11.10 released jake kaiden 0
git2svn repository created; may I push it to Nikolai Weibull 9
Gtk::Tooltip Robert Heiler 0
Forking from inside a GTK loop Carlo E. Prelz 2
Migrate the documentation from Hiki to YARD Masaaki Aoyagi 10
Problem with Gtk::Entry#completion= Nikolai Weibull 8
ListStore - possible to use String and Pixbuf image in the same field? Robert Heiler 3
Should I hold off a large patch until glib2 1.0.4 has been released? Nikolai Weibull 5