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BUG: undefined method `prepend_environment_path' for GLib:Module Detlef Reichl 1
Problem in subclassing and new signals Detlef Reichl 2
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[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.2.6 Kouhei Sutou 0
Error while installing visualruby Sam Lalani 2
bundling in VR Ben Nussbaum 1
installing VisuaRuby isnt' a gem error Charles Monteiro 3
newbie: can't install on to os x 10.8.2 Charles Monteiro 4
[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.2.3 Kouhei Sutou 0
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Modular Child Windows with Glade and Visual Ruby Aaron Ram 1
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Gtk Notebook "change-current-page" doesn't work Ebru Akagunduz 4
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WebKit, GTK & Ruby Cristian Molina 16
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ScrolledWindow, Gtk & Ruby Ebru Akagunduz 2
Segmentation Fault "Sergio Campamá" <> 1
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text entry from a file Ben Nussbaum 0