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locked Cairo or Gtk::DrawingArea memory leak? none nope 2
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locked VR::ComboCol/VR::CellRendererCombo and attaching to signals (or any other cellrenderers) Kacper M. 3
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locked MacOSX (10.7) vr Run Error Bradley Brubaker 0
locked 2nd Release of Visual Ruby Eric C. 37
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locked VisualRuby IDE Mario Steele 0
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locked Missing methods Detlef Reichl 1
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locked BUG: undefined method `prepend_environment_path' for GLib:Module Detlef Reichl 1
locked Problem in subclassing and new signals Detlef Reichl 2
locked [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 1.2.4 Kouhei Sutou 5
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