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locked Visual Ruby - implementing multiple ListViews Rob C. 1
locked Ruby-Gnome Wiki - How to make bold content? Robert Heiler 0
locked Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.1 plans Kouhei Sutou 1
locked VisualRuby unable to load John S. 3
locked Building source, understanding pkg-config Grant Schoep 0
locked Asking for sudo password, from pkgconfig? Grant Schoep 2
locked Install gtk2 show error on window CC Chen 1
locked How to change Title font size in Listview John S. 1
locked Non-modal ListView editors don't close - then crash when closed Chris Phoenix 2
locked Window stacking order not changeable? Chris Phoenix 2
locked Error opening VR on MAC OSX 10.9.2 George Dominguez 0
locked Monkeypatch to CellRendererObject doesn't work. Chris Phoenix 11
locked Why does Gtk::Dialog::run go into TreeViewColumn::initialize? Chris Phoenix 4
locked Fresh install doesn't install gdk Detlef Reichl 1
locked memory leak Detlef Reichl 7
locked Pixbuf from Gdk::Window Detlef Reichl 3
locked A crash with latest ruby/ruby-gnome Carlo E. Prelz 5
locked call signal handler or parent class Detlef Reichl 4
locked Real View Like Subroto Ghosh 0
locked glib2: rb_thread_blocking_region removed from Ruby Carlo E. Prelz 3
locked [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.0 Kouhei Sutou 0
locked iconview icon selection appearance Ebru Akagunduz 0
locked gtk drop-drag events dont work Ebru Akagunduz 1
locked gio volume changed signal Ebru Akagunduz 0
locked Adding back check for CAIRO 1.8, in rbpangocairo.c Grant Schoep 1
locked Ru i by version 1.0! Regis d'Aubarede 0
locked gio mount flags Ebru Akagunduz 1
locked hbox alignment with pack_start Ebru Akagunduz 8
locked justification in a TreeView William Parsons 0
locked GTK3, deprecated window.get_pointer() raises exception Stefan Salewski 0
locked how to use list store Ebru Akagunduz 2
locked Gtk and ruby-gtk on ARM Regis d'Aubarede 4
locked Bugs in Examples ThorX89 .. 2
locked [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 2.1.0 Kouhei Sutou 0
locked Please test: [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 2.0.3 Kouhei Sutou 4
locked - When will there be errors? Memory Usage Robert Heiler 0
locked Wiki Documentation of Ruby-Gtk - Shall I add links to gnome/gtk documentation? Robert Heiler 2
locked Switching to gtk3 Eric C. 5
locked Cancel button to close window andru mccracken 6
locked background color andru mccracken 6
locked VR::TreeView Greg Hanson 9
locked Timer event with callback Andru M. 4
locked Visual Ruby - Can't start Jérémy L. 2
locked Updates to VisualRuby v 1.0.12 released Eric C. 2
locked ScrolledWindow - how to enable scrolling with page up and page down keys? Robert Heiler 1
locked drawing children widgets in a Gtk::Layout 67Daidalos .. 5
locked Setting absolute position of a Window in GTK - is there no top-left shortcut? Robert Heiler 2
locked vr run error Scott H. 2
locked Using visualruby to edit a Hash Greg Hanson 3
locked gtk3 override_color doesn't work Ebru Akagunduz 11
locked Doesn't load virtual ruby opaustopin l. 0