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locked Tolk with authlogic Andrés Gutiérrez 0
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locked i18n translators tools pejuko 1
locked missing translation for activerecord error: taken (uniqueness) QuBiT 1
locked t() and 4 variables Céd B. 8
locked How to test several locales in functional tests Mickaël 8
locked changed path while upgrade from 0.3.6 to 0.4.0 schubi 0
locked Exception is not raise with #t method on Rails 2.3.5 Mickaël 3
locked `method_missing': undefined method `i18n' for #<Rails::Railtie::Configuration:0x000001010fce98> Kristian Mandrup 1
locked I18n.t returns a empty hash when a translation is missing Christophe P. 1
locked translation of the rails Adriano Dias da Silva 9
locked locale in namespaced routes Justin MacCarthy 0
locked Module for editing I18n translations in Netbeans Sergei Velhas 0
locked Removing apostrophe from possessive Tony Maserati 11
locked "translation missing" errors in production, not in development Meike 0
locked Re: Rails 2.3 I18n and localized mailer templates n1k 0
locked Open Source Contribution - Getting Started: i18n background generating rake ? Richard Schneeman 5
locked nb-NO.yml: å turns into � Tony Maserati 2
locked It just won't load Tony Maserati 4
locked Globalize2 enhancements (dynamic writers, blcks, validtions) Gabe Da silveira 2
locked url_for , to_param and translate routes Maarten Porters 10
locked deep_merge! issue Lawrence Pit 0
locked localize and lambdas rob-twf 3
locked Why is this t() call failing? Max Williams 4
locked Legacy ISO-8859-1 MSSQL db and UTF8 rails app Tom Bak 10
locked undefined method i18n Akira Yokokawa 3
locked Build a website in japanese language Preethi Sivakumar 1
locked Deprecating {{}} and welcoming %{} José Valim 4
locked I18n 0.4.0.beta released José Valim 0
locked KeyValue backend and links issues José Valim 1
locked Link to doncumentation on github Albert Llop 0
locked globalize2 updates - please test! hukl 0
locked Requires RubyGems version >= 1.3.6 codegenesys 0
locked "private method `gsub'" error caused by addition of a line Max Williams 26
locked localhost:3000/en/x instead of localhost:3000/x?locale=en Sara Kilcher 2
locked idea I18n.t(:not_existing).presence == nil iain hecker 1
locked Globalize1 to I18n migration plugin Jürgen Feßlmeier 0
locked adding i18n support to Rails' transliterator Norman Clarke 4
locked i18n_routing: Easy routes translations for Rails 2.x And Rails3 Kwi 7
locked locale parameter on URL Paulo H. V. Neves 26
locked undefined local variable or method `globalize_options' StuFF mc 0
locked Dup translations right after lookup? Sven Fuchs 2
locked How to expire cache in AR backend? Szymon Nowak 1
locked Translate everything ok but activerecord.errors.template Arthur Chan 0
locked why i was not able to create rails application? dare ruby 3
locked Date validation fails for all September dates in Spanish Dave Christiansen 2
locked Translating dynamic content Max Williams 7