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locked Two pretty trivial patches for sortable_element helper Michal Kwiatkowski 1
locked [PATCH] OpenID authentication plugin fixes Xavier Shay 0
locked Github patching? Stephen Celis 3
locked Rails trac etiquette - should I assign a ticket to myself? David Harding 1
locked looking for feedback or +1s Steven Soroka 0
locked фитболы Ledraplastic Золотой Клон 0
locked broken in Egde? Hendrik Mans 1
locked Dependencies Quirk Frederick Cheung 6
locked 2 ActiveRecord features I can offer: eager loading, optimized updates Nate Wiger 25
locked ActiveRecord::Base#becomes Carlos Júnior 1
locked Transaction as a reserved *instance* method Aaron Pfeifer 1
locked Feedback on patch to fix change_column with :null => true Nate Wiger 1
locked [9247] infinite loop Hendrik Mans 2
locked i18n patch for Rails, please support :) Ivan el Magnifico 0
locked has_many :through a polymorphic has_many - Broken Again Douglas Shearer 0
locked An overview of Rails 2.1 time zone features Geoff Buesing 1
locked Маникюрный набор с косметичко й 10 предметов, металл зоРЗолотой Клон 0
locked TimeZone helper methods... Subimage Interactive 11
locked Release 9200 produces SystemStackError ss1982 3
locked Can ruby support send http request or call other programs written in like c or c# or Java? lily 1
locked Feedback for patch: Making :join_table consistent across association declarations with Symbols vs S David Dollar 0
locked Any comments on this ActionCaching patch? Jonathan del Strother 7
locked Request for patch review: tomorrow() and Daylight Saving Time Ken Miller 2
locked Бесплатная консультация врач а онлайн Золотой Клон 0
locked [CruiseControl] RubyOnRails build 9241 fixed unknown 0
locked [CruiseControl] RubyOnRails build 9240 failed unknown 0
locked Hint on routes requirements Antonio Tapiador del Dujo 2
locked crappy wrapping bhus 0
locked fixtures subdirectories bhus 4
locked Profiler doesn't work with new ruby-prof Ilya Sabanin 0
locked Patch review request: [BUG] hash_for_*_url does not accept ordered parameters as does the regular * Bernardo de Pádua 6
locked Pagination *link* generator Bryce Roney 1
locked Утягивающие бриджи (утягивающ ее белье - корсетные Ð¿Ð°Ð½Ñ Ð—Ð¾Ð»Ð¾Ñ‚Ð¾Ð¹ Клон 0
locked Is "allow_concurrency=true" supported on Windows AR + PostgreSQL ? nao 0
locked Терки для овощей и фруктов Золотой Клон 0
locked CruiseControl compilation issues James Cox 0
locked CruiseControl compilation issues USHARANI K 0
locked ActiveSupport::Multibyte handlers Manfred Stienstra 0
locked My first very minor patch. I would greatly appreciate some feedback, and verification that it does i am jbarket 1
locked [CruiseControl] RubyOnRails build 9219 fixed unknown 0
locked [CruiseControl] RubyOnRails build 9218 failed unknown 0
locked AR find conditions proposal Gregory Seidman 7
locked 2 open tickets Jan De Poorter 0
locked пластырь плоский живот Золотой Клон 0
locked Re: ERROR on Rails Subversion repository Hendy Irawan 5
locked [PATCH] Added user configurable inflection rules to allow camelize and underscore to be inverse ope garru 0
locked SystemStackError: stack level too deep in activemerchant Rajesh Soni 0
locked PATCH: #11502, double DISTINCT in generated SQL for Model.count Kenneth Kalmer 0
locked PATCH: Association create() doesn't save record before :after_add callback Matt Freels 0
locked PATCH: Automatically run new interleaved migrations Jordi Bunster 0
locked Электронный стимулятор мышц д ля мышц живота (тренажер 0