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locked script\plugin discover fails with '407 Proxy Authentication Required' Thomas Sonntag 8
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locked Confusing dependencies spyfalcon 6
locked RFC: associations with :accessible => true should allow updating David Dollar 31
locked How should I fix a problem with uncountable resources in polymorphic_url? Andy Gregorowicz 3
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locked Edge Rails Craig Davey 2
locked Simplifying and fixing parameter parsing in Rails (Or: complex forms don't have to suck forever) Thomas Lee 2
locked Ruby On Rails!! San Francisco, CA, Closure on Friday rate- open/hr C2C 1 months + beanish.arti 0
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locked unintuitive behaviour of AssocationCollection#first Frederick Cheung 6
locked About the recently i18n added to Rails and locale files Emilio Tagua 2
locked Dynamic Scopes (was: Association Hash Conditions) Lawrence Pit 0
locked Should proxy_owner be eager loaded? Wolfram Arnold 2
locked Reconnect to another database in rails application Delporte Benoit 0
locked has_many_through_associations bug when set_primary_key used Psy Ven 1
locked Ryan Bigg 6
locked Should mongrel be the default server? Alex Maccaw 1
locked Documentation issues in Lighthouse Tim Haines 5
locked timestamped migrations Andrew Stone 32
locked TemplateHandler API revision Josh Peek 3
locked Consolidating the Helpers API Clemens 1
locked Mysql integer data types Rasmus Nielsen 2
locked Association Hash Conditions Nik Wakelin 5
locked help modifying validates_inclusion_of to accept a proc ngrandy 0
locked Move transaction counter from Thread.current to the connection object Jonathan Viney 3
locked ActiveModel::Validatable(Total Rewrite, Totally Awesome) - Request for comment on work in progress Ruy Asan (rubyruy) 14
locked It might be ORM problem sadeesh kumar 2
locked require 'application' loads it twice Brandon Keepers 9
locked Implicit routing to nested collections Chris Eppstein 4
locked GemPlugins and classic plugins consistency Jacek Becela 0
locked [PATCH] script/plugin install -b BRANCH_OR_TAG git:.... Les Hill 1
locked JavaScript and URL helpers need some love regarding best practices Clemens 29
locked Posting Multipart Forms Over ActiveResource Nick Gauthier 2
locked config.gem implementation Dan Manges 1
locked old ticket on trac, how to find on lighthouse? ss1982 2
locked protect_from_forgery? does not quite useful to tell whether a controller is protect against forgery 0
locked Where is the ActiveRecord Oracle Adapter with 2.1? Nate Wiger 10
locked rails pollution bryanl 6
locked rake db:create error:"Unknown database" Dave Rothlisberger 7
locked Missing documentation problem in ActionController::Filters Frederick Cheung 2
locked scaffolding a RESTful web service (rails2.1) Luca Scaljery 3
locked Add a profile model with User model - Edit Problem Allen Chan 2
locked ctiveResource: format patches to support serializing data out in the correct format with correct ht Rus 0
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locked Why, again, is it ActiveRecord::Base#update_attribute doesn' Peter Marklund 18
locked Rake tasks and generators from vendorized gems (aka gem-plugins) Brian Landau 2
locked New Request Forgery Protection breaks AtomPub implementations Antonio Tapiador del Dujo 4
locked Patch for Review Simon Jefford 0
locked Eager loading doesn't respect :limit option of the macro association Luca Guidi 0
locked small patch to atom_builder darragh.curran 0