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Jake J. (Guest)
on 2007-02-21 03:29
Hey folks--

I'd like to create what looks like a link on a page.  But the link will
actually submit a form to another website to perform a search.

I'm currently doing something like:
  form_tag("", :name => "link_form") +
  hidden_field_tag("one_param", "value1") +
  hidden_field_tag("two_param", "search text") +
  end_form_tag() +
  link_to_function("Search text", "document.link_form.submit();")

This works just fine on Firefox/Windows when I click with the left mouse

However, I often click with the middle mouse button to open the page up
in another tab.  When I do that with this type of link, it just opens a
copy of the current page in the new tab -- i.e., it doesn't submit the

This appears to be a common problem (after googling a bit), but I was
wondering if there's a better Javascript/RoR way to manage a solution.

Any suggestions?
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