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unknown (Guest)
on 2007-02-09 12:44
(Received via mailing list)

I think this is a bug - can anyone else reproduce?

Create a simple plugin like mine below on Typo 4.0.3 and attempt to
publish it.  That operation should fail, and an error will appear in the
production log indicating something similar to 'unknown method each on
object nil' (I don't have the exact message here as its on my home

Adding a single setting to the controller allows it to work, ie

$ more gallerysb_controller.rb
class Plugins::Sidebars::GallerysbController < Sidebars::ComponentPlugin

  setting :foo, 'foopie'

  display_name "Gallery"
  description 'gallery stuff'

  def content

This problem occurs on OS X

Sean (Guest)
on 2007-02-10 06:41
(Received via mailing list)
Can you publish the exact error log? Preferably when running in
development, for added info.


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