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Nick B. (Guest)
on 2007-02-07 14:31
(Received via mailing list)

I'm trying to access a SOAP webservice written in C# .NET from Ruby
(running on Ubuntu).  The server has two classes within its namespace:


The namespace is


The problem is that the client only knows about one method,
findAddress - a method of the AddressSearch class.  I cannot get it to
see the ServiceAuthentication class.  Apparently I need to pass an
instance of the  Service Authentication class to a method of the
Address search class.  I'm basing this on some sampel C# .NET client
code.  I have been told that the response I am getting from the server
is because I am not authenticated.

My problem is that in all the examples of SOAP I have seen, looking
through the ruby mailing list archives, there is only one class dealt
with at a time.  Basically, I need to know if my understanding of what
I am trying to do is wrong, if one SOAP namespace can contain multiple
classes, and if so, how I can use these two different classes in the
same ruby code.

My client code is:

    def soap_me(postcode, streetname, town)

      @postcode = postcode
      @streetname = streetname
      @town = town

      wsdl_url =

      soap =

      auth = soap.ServiceAuthentication(:login => "addresstest",
:password => "password")
     #The above line gives a undefined method `ServiceAuthentication'

      res =  soap.findAddress(:postcode => @postcode, :streetName =>
@streetname, :town => @town)
      puts res.inspect


soap_me("SW15 6JH", "Upper Richmond Road", "London")

The WSDL is posted here:

Thanks for the help - I know my post is slightly confused - it
reflects my state of mind!
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