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Jake J. (Guest)
on 2005-11-13 08:21
Hi folks-

I've got a form with three radio buttons.  One is -1,0,1 (numeric)
-based.  The other two are booleans tied to TINYINT within the database.
When perform an edit on the form (update_attributes) and encounter an
error due to some model requirement, the forum gets updated with
erroneous values.

The numeric radio_button is updated correctly.  However, the boolean
radio_buttons both get updated to 'false' regardless of what was entered
by the user.  When I write out the "debug(params)", the param[:object]
is correct.  Somehow the radio_button is not updating correctly.

My view has this:
	<%= radio_button 'part', 'committed', true %>Yes
	<%= radio_button 'part', 'committed', false %>No

I've also tried using the strings 'true' and 'false'  -- same issue.

Any ideas?
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