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Rae (Guest)
on 2007-01-29 03:15
(Received via mailing list)
I am just completing the Ruby 20 minute tutorial. I wanted to look at
the iterate routine at end which compares Ruby's use of blocks vs. c
or Basic's use of loops. To get a feel for how this works and really
see how Ruby's routine is better as it claims, I would like to 'step
into' the tutorial project, "ri20min.rb",  that you create in the
tutorial but I cannot find a *step into* routine on the menu bar.

Also, as for the menu icons, they are pretty useless on my copy of
FreeRide because there is only one or two text tips which work when
you place your cursor over them. Even the one or two that works, is
very slow to display the text and sometimes doesn't which seems odd.

Can any one tell me which icon or menu choice you use to 'step into'
the code so I can see what the program is doing in these iterate(vs.
loop) routines? THe couple of times I hit the Debugger choice, the
program goes into the hour glass and just stays there and I have to
shut down the program from ctrl-alt-delete and ending the progrem in
my task mgr. so I am not clicking on it anymore.
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