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Marc-andre L. (Guest)
on 2007-01-03 08:31

I have encountered a strange phenomenon about when self.inherited is
called. Take the following code:

class Base
  def self.inherited(sub)
    p "Base is being inherited"

class A < Base
  p "Declaring A"

B = do
  p "Declaring B"

To my surprise, this prints (in ruby 1.8.4)
"Base is being inherited"
"Declaring A"
"Declaring B"
"Base is being inherited"

I was expecting that "Base is..." and "Declaring..." would alternate

Although to me that looks like a bug, I presume it isn't, but I would
greatly appreciate a justification for this behaviour. Note that the
documentation on inherited is not clear on when it is supposed to be

If someone wonders why I care... well a rails plugin I use calls
read_inheritable_attribute and write_inheritable_attribute. These are
defined in an extension to Class that uses inherited and because of the
calling sequence, it works only for the usual declaration but not for
the anonymous one.


Marc-André Lafortune
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