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Eminaeem (Guest)
on 2006-12-31 01:34
(Received via mailing list)
Chartering a Private Jet Makes Good Business Sense

Chartering a private jet makes good business sense. Let's explore the
reasons why business aviation is thriving even in the face of rising
fuel costs.

Private Jets: 4 Leaders in Fractional Flying

Fractional flying, you say. Is that division? Well, sort of. Fractional
flying is where you, the customer, can own a "share" in a private jet.
In most cases these shares allow you to own as much as 1/4 to as little
as 1/32 of a 40 million dollar private jet.

Supersonic Business Jets Coming Soon?

The private jet market is alive and well. Many private jet owners are
now wanting more performance, in fact they are demanding supersonic
business Jets.
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