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dave (Guest)
on 2005-11-19 22:33
(Received via mailing list)
Hi Railers,

Subject says it all, really.

I have an app with a secure section that I'm trying to develop on my
machine.  I'm using this method of switching to HTTPS (SSL):

Seems to work fine, except the connection is refused, but that's a sign
of it
working (there's just nothing to answer it).  Also initially tried this
method of using Webrick and SSL, but I think script/server must have
a fair bit since then, so it doesn't work:

So anyway, now I've installed Lighttpd locally, and my script/server
starts it
up instead of Webrick, and I'm sure it must be possible (easy?) to get
to respond to SSL connections too, just wondered if anyone has a
config/lighttpd.conf that achieves this, since it's undoubtedly worthy
going in the Wiki (I'll do it once I've figured out how to make it

If not, how are you developing your SSL apps?




Dave S.
Rent-A-Monkey Website Development
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