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Jeff Waltzer (Guest)
on 2006-06-12 17:23
(Received via mailing list)
Last week we managed to get a good start on a 'simplest possible'
persistence mechanism for saving podcast settings and podcast current
state.  This is an important step in making the application 'useable'.
Anyone that is interested in helping out while learning more about Ruby
TDD (Test Driven Development) are more then welcome to come by.  We
meet at 7pm over at the Columbia MD Panera Bread in Dobbin Center (some
us show up early, so come sooner if you can).

   For directions to Panera Bread
>. (NOTE: This is NOT the one at the Columbia Mall.)   I will monitor for
cell calls at 240-671-9368 in case you have trouble finding us.

     Information on project:
Directions to the meeting:

Codefest meeting schedule for June and July:
Monday    Jun 12
Monday    Jun 19
Monday    Jun 26
Monday    Jul 10
Monday    Jul 17
Monday    Jul 24

BTW,  FYI and TLA:  I won't be able to make it on June 26th and do
we're not going to meet July 3rd due to the Holiday.
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