Forum: Ruby on Rails ('[', '{', '@') chars missing in command line

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Nara H. (Guest)
on 2006-06-05 12:37

When I start the ruby console(ruby script/console) the special
characters like ('[', '{', '@') are not working in the command line!

I have created a ".inputrc" file in my user directory with the following
"\M-[": "["
"\M-]": "]"
"\M-{": "{"
"\M-}": "}"
"\M-\\": "\\"
"\M-|": "|"
"\M-@": "@"
"\M-": ""
"\M-\3760": "}"
"\M-\3767": "{"
"\M-\3768": "("
"\M-\3769": ")"
"\M-\e[3~": delete-char

These chars work in a regular command line but not under ruby/console.

Any clues what else is missing?

Thanks, Hari
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