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Joe Van D. (Guest)
on 2006-06-03 10:39
(Received via mailing list)
Perhaps someone will find this useful -- perhaps it could be put into
the Gtk examples.

# A brief demonstration of
#   - Gtk::Window
#   - Gtk::ScrolledWindow
#   - Gtk::ListStore
#   - Gtk::TreeView
#   - Gtk::TreeModelSort
#   - Gtk::TreeModelFilter
#   - Gtk::CellRenderText
#   - Gtk::TreeViewcolumn
#   - Gtk::TreeIter
# By Joe Van D. <removed_email_address@domain.invalid>
# This is released into the Public Domain

require 'gtk2'

# Create a list store with:
#  - an Integer (ID)
#  - a String (date)
#  - a TrueClass (represents whether or not the row should be shown or
list_store = Integer, String, TrueClass

# Create a filtered list store that wraps the list store
# and set the filter column criteria
list_store_filter = list_store
list_store_filter.visible_column = 2

# Create a sorted list store and set the sorting function for the
# first column.  Note that we are wrapping the sorted model around
# filtered model -- which in turn wraps the original list store model.
list_store_sort = list_store_filter
list_store_sort.set_sort_func(0) { |i, j| i[0] <=> j[0] }

# Fill the list store with stuff
10.times do |i|
  iter = list_store.append
  iter[0] = i
  iter[1] =
  iter[2] = true

# Start Gtk

# Create a window with a size of 300x300 pixels
window =
window.set_size_request 300, 300
window.signal_connect("destroy") { Gtk::main_quit }

# Create a scrollable window, with automatic scrollbars, and
# pack it into the window
scrolled_window =
scrolled_window.set_policy Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC, Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC
window << scrolled_window

# Create a treeview, giving it the sorted list store (which is wrapping
tree_view = list_store_sort
scrolled_window.add_with_viewport tree_view

# Create a CellRenderer that's in charge of rendering the ID and the
renderer =

# Create the ID column which uses the cell renderer defined above and
# is hooked up to the first column of the model.  Sorting is turned on
# on this column (which also uses the first column in the model to
# out what to sort)
id_column = "ID", renderer, :text => 0
id_column.sort_column_id = 0
tree_view.append_column id_column

# Create a column that renders the current time (the second column in
# the model
time_column = "Current Time", renderer, :text =>
tree_view.append_column time_column

# Shows everything

# Twice a second, we loop through each row in the list and update the
# and set half of the rows' visibility attribute to false and the other
# half to true
Gtk::timeout_add(500) do
  list_store.each do |model, path, iter|
    iter[1] =
    iter[2] = rand(2) == 1

# Starts the Gtk main loop
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