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Rodrigo D. (Guest)
on 2006-05-31 19:16
(Received via mailing list)
Ok, this is the model (just two structs)

class CLL_Answer < ActionWebService::Struct

  member :server_status,     :bool

  member :answerDescription, :string

  member :answer,            :string

  member :metadata,          CLL_Metadata


class CLL_Metadata < ActionWebService::Struct

  member :key,               :string

  member :type,              :string

  member :value,             :string

  member :webapplication_id, :string

  member :user_tenfold_id,   :string

  member :login_username,    :string


This is the api

  api_method :GetMetadata,

             :expects => [ { :metadata => [CLL_Metadata] } ],

             :returns => [CLL_Answer]

 and this is the controller for the web service

  def GetMetadata(metadata)


    answer =



and lastly, this is the php client

$client = new
dl", true,

$proxyhost, $proxyport, $proxyusername, $proxypassword);

$params = array('key' => 'perfil', 'type' => '1', 'value' => '',
'webapplication_id' => '', 'user_tenfold_id' => '', 'login_username' =>

$result = $client->call('GetMetadata', $params);


I just want to send a CLL_Metadata from php (nusoap) to ruby on rails
application, but every time I call the function with a custom struct
(CLL_Metadata), it just doesn't receives he null, instead it recives

Rodrigo D.

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