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Ross D. (Guest)
on 2006-05-25 05:45
(Received via mailing list)
> You misread this. There is no call on that line, just
> setting the variable t to the contents of the variable MD5, which is
> identical to Digest::MD5. The rest of your explanation is
> based on this
> misreading, unfortunately.

Oops being new to Ruby shows out here and Greg has pointed me in the
right direction.

> class MD5
> } You've asked the MD5 Class if it accepts the message/method
> .md5.  The
> } class does not have this method but instances of objects
> made with the
> } class do. So you could have written.
> }
> } t = Digest::MD5 # create an instance of the MD5 class
> [...]
> Nononononono. That comment is incorrect. There is no instance creation
> occurring on that line.

Again oops. The equivalent should have been'not quite so confused now')

So based on Greg's details I would think the equivalents would be:-

require 'md5'
=> true
my_md5 = MD5.md5('clearer')
=> ac27b86fdde5ffd474a51a0d7715dc56
=> "\254'\270o\335\345\377\324t\245\032\rw\025\334V"


require 'digest/md5'
=> true
my_md5 ='clearer')
=> ac27b86fdde5ffd474a51a0d7715dc56
=> "\254'\270o\335\345\377\324t\245\032\rw\025\334V"

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/md5.rb aliases the class Digest::MD5 to MD5 and adds
the Class method MD5.md5 which is implemented as an alias to the
constructor new.

> This is both patronizing and involves a certain amount of the
> pot calling
> the kettle black. Yeesh.

Next time I'll fire up IRB and check my results before posting.  Thanks
for pointing out my errors and helping me learn.

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