Forum: Ruby on Rails POST op parameters are coming in as StringIOs

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Jonathan del Strother (Guest)
on 2006-05-24 14:24
(Received via mailing list)
I'm receiving a multipart post request from another server.  The
request parameters are being received as StringIOs, rather than plain
strings.   For instance :

Processing MessagesController#receive (for at 2006-05-24
10:36:53) [POST]
   Session ID: eedafb24033be0714f8133f02810083f
   Parameters: {"message"=>#<StringIO:0xb7503358>, "date"=>#<StringIO:
0xb7501f30>, "from"=>#<StringIO:0xb7502944>, "type"=>#<StringIO:
0xb7503d6c>, "action"=>"receive", "id"=>#<StringIO:0xb750151c>,
"to"=>#<StringIO:0xb75047bc>, "controller"=>"messages"}

If I try to get the actual parameter with (for instance) params
[:message].read, it works as expected...but surely this shouldn't be

Any idea why this is happening?  I'm out of ideas...any help would be
massively appreciated.

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