Forum: Empty submit can add a error POST,how can do?

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John G. (Guest)
on 2006-05-24 07:02
when I test rforum, i do a /topic/new .
I have not type anything but submit empty 'Subject' and empty 'Text'.
Then return information :"Please enter a longer subject" ..."Please
enter a longer text.".

now, do /forum/1  then get:
TypeError in Forum#forum
Showing app/views/forum/forum.rhtml where line #22 raised:

no implicit conversion to float from nil

Extracted source (around line #22):

19:         </td>
20:         <td class="replies"><%=h (topic.post_counter - 1) %></td>
21:         <td class="last-post">
22:           <%=h format_relative_time(topic.last_post_created_at) %>
23:           <%=l :by %> <%=h topic.last_post_author %>
24:         </td>
25:       </tr>

I found there has added a topic in datebase
this topic have null last_post_created_at  last_post_user_id
last_post_author  .

please help me.How can I do?
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