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Philip Johnston (Guest)
on 2006-05-24 03:23
(Received via mailing list)
OK so for my first question,

Background :
I am trying to roll my own fuzzy-time representation algorithm.  I want
pull the Timezone from the browser on page load.  I was trying to do it
through javascript, in the form of

"var visitortime = new Date();
document.write("<SOME HTML ELEMENT" +
+ ">");

and once that was written I would pull it into my RoR page loading.  The
reason I'm doing this is that I have some dynamic page calls that need
info without any prior knowledge of the browser (e.g. Trying not to
an account and having the info specified by the user.).

Question :

-Firstly, is there an elegant way to get at the Timezone information of
visiting browser?
-Secondly, I have been looking for documentation about how to access the
from RoR, but can't quite seem to find it.  I keep seeing code segments
"page[:SOME_ELEMENT]" and I'm not sure what this is called.
-Thirdly for future use, is there an elegant way to access the browser
variables(Width, Height, Timezone ...) in general?

Any thoughts?

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