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Berger, Daniel (Guest)
on 2006-05-23 21:54
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

I was futzing around with Time objects and locale.  Searching the
archives I didn't really see anything that let me get Time objects back
in the locale string that I want.

Did I reinvent the wheel?

require 'Win32API'

class Time
   GetDateFormat ='kernel32', 'GetDateFormat', 'LLPPPL',

   def to_s(lang=0)
      buffer  = 0.chr * 100
      systime = [year, mon, wday, day, hour, min, sec].pack('S*')
      picture = 'dddd MMM dd yyyy' # Or change 'dddd' to 'ddd'

      if, 0, systime, picture, buffer,
buffer.size) == 0
         raise get_last_error

      buffer = buffer[ /^[^\0]*/ ]

      # Splice the hours, minutes and seconds in
      buffer.split.insert(2, "#{hour}:#{min}:#{sec} #{zone}").join(' ')

if $0 == __FILE__
   LANG_FRENCH  = 0x0c
   LANG_GERMAN  = 0x07
   LANG_SPANISH = 0x0a

   p                # "Tuesday May 11:48:51 MDT 23 2006"
   p   # "Dienstag Mai 11:48:51 MDT 23 2006"
   p  # "martes may 11:48:51 MDT 23 2006"
   p   # "mardi mai 11:48:51 MDT 23 2006"

I've no idea how to do this on non-Windows systems.  Is there an easier



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