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Berger, Daniel (Guest)
on 2006-05-23 00:42
(Received via mailing list)
> Pseudo Code
> ------------------
> myhash['customercode'][0]=Firstname
> myhash['customercode'][1]=M.I myhash['customercode'][2]=Lastname
> myhash.each do |k,v|
>   myhash['k'].each do |elm|
>     puts "#{k} -> elm"
>   end
> end

Except for a line break or semicolon between the 2nd and 3rd assignment,
I think your pseudo code will work.  Did you try it?  irb is your
friend, btw. :)

However, this is Ruby not Perl.  There's no need to use deeply nested
hash structures when you want an object in Ruby.

class CustomerCode
   attr_accessor :first_name, :mi, :lastname

array_of_customers.each do |cust|
   cust.first_name = some_first_name
   cust.mi = some_mi
   cust.last_name = some_last_name
   p cust



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