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Maarten H. (Guest)
on 2006-05-21 11:40

I'm trying to implement a search feature on my blog:
It works nicely in Firefox and Safari, but not in Internet Explorer.
This is the code in my _search.rhtml:
<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :post, :title  %>

This is in the controller:
def auto_complete_for_post_title
  @results = Post.find(:all, :conditions => [ 'LOWER(title) LIKE ?','%'
+   params[:post][:title].downcase + '%' ], :order => 'title ASC',
:limit => 20)
  render :partial => 'results'

Also I can't seem to style li.selected in my css, it just keeps ignoring
the value and it always uses the default yellow color.

Any help would be great,
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