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Chase (Guest)
on 2006-05-13 23:07
(Received via mailing list)
Hey everyone:

Here is a background on what I want to accomplish:
 * Have a unique URI ( and then go via a client I
developed and hit that URI.
 * Perform server side code to determine whether there are new files to
 * Files are all web content files with the exception of .txt files (so
JPEGs, HTML, CSS, etc....)
 * If there are new files to download, I want the client to download
*all of it at once*..., effectively downloading all the files from
server using the HTTP protocol.
 * If there are not new files to download, I'd like for the client to
download nothing.
 * I would also like to upload .txt files to the server ever hour, read
their contents, and insert/update them into my database schema.
 * I'd like to use Ruby On Rails/Apache/Linux for the server
* I'd like to use Windows BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)
* I want to make sure there ia a way to accomplish these things before I
really dive into implementing them.

Here are my questions:
 * Does Apache with RubyOnRails meet the following qualifications of
 Background Intelligent Transfer Service?  And if so, how would I
accomplish this?
* I'm a newbie when it comes to HTTP/Ruby/Apache, so please phrase your
responses in a way that someone of my level of understanding can 'get'.

 BITS supports HTTP and HTTPS downloads and uploads and requires that
the server supports the HTTP/1.1 protocol. For downloads, the HTTP
server's Head method must return the file size and its Get method must
support the Content-Range and Content-Length headers. As a result, BITS
only transfers static file content and generates an error if you try to
transfer dynamic content, unless the ASP, ISAPI, or CGI script supports
the Content-Range and Content-Length headers.
 BITS can use an HTTP/1.0 server as long as it meets the Head and Get
method requirements.
 To support downloading ranges of a file, the server must support the
following requirements:
 * Allow MIME headers to include the standard Content-Range and
Content-Type headers, plus a maximum of 180 bytes of other headers.
     * Allow a maximum of two CR/LFs between the HTTP headers and the
first boundary string.

Thanks so much!

(If you'd like to personally respond to me, my email is membos AT yahoo
DOT com)

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