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Benjamin Cabé (Guest)
on 2006-05-13 01:28
(Received via mailing list)
Hi !

All is in subject. In fact Â? but I may make things wrong Â? since IÂ?ve
deployed my rails app on an Apache/FastCGI with 3 ruby processes I
a problem.

In my application, an applet requests a lot of thumbnails to the
Serving these thumbnails need to read some variables in my @session.

My problem occurs when, in my website (the one which contains the
applet) I
decide to change the content of my applet. I make another request to the
webserver. This one is served by another of the two remaining instances
ruby; and writes some (important, of course) values in @session. But the
other instance of ruby was in the middle of the action that return a
thumbnail. So when it ends, it writes the @session as it read it at its
beginning (with no modification since it doesnÂ?t make any). So the
variable is totally broken for my next calls to Â?get_thumbnailÂ? because
@session modification that I thougt I made has been overwritten Â?Â?Â?

Does anybody know if (except if my design is really a bad idea ? Â? i.e.
using @session that way) itÂ?s possible, to tell a controller or an
not to Â?close_sessionÂ? at its end ? (but of course I donÂ?t want to
disable session for that controller/action, because I need to read

Thanks in advance,

Benjamin (from France :op)
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