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Sam R. (Guest)
on 2006-04-29 03:42
(Received via mailing list)
I'm looking for tagging of constants, classes, modules, and methods,
and particularly for qualified tags (so MyClass#to_s and YourClass#to_s
are different tags).

I know about the rtags reference in the Pickaxe books, that program has
vanished from the net.

I also know about exhuberant ctags, it only tags classes, module, and
methods, and doesn't have qualified tags, which is a killer in any
project with more than a few classes.

Does anybody have a copy of the pre-merged-with-ruby irb-tools project
hanging around? I'd really, really like to get a hold of that rtags.rb
mentioned in the pickaxe, if I had a copy I might be able to get tags


For those not familiar with how tags works with languages that are
supported really well, like C++, here is an example.

module Foo
	class Aclass
		ACONST = 1

		def to_s

module Bar
	class Aclass
		ACONST = 1
		def to_s

Exhuberant ctags generates this for the above example:

--- tags ---
Aclass	ex.rb	/^	class Aclass$/;"	c
Bar	ex.rb	/^module Bar$/;"	m
Foo	ex.rb	/^module Foo$/;"	m
to_s	ex.rb	/^		def to_s$/;"	f

I want all the tags:

--- tags ---
Aclass	...
Bar	...
Bar.Aclass	...
Bar.Aclass.to_s	...
Foo	...
Foo.Aclass	...
Foo.Aclass.to_s	...
to_s ...

So I can do a tag jump to Aclass.to_s and go the right one.

In case you wonder, you can get the above for C++ and Java using "ctags
--extra=+q", but not for ruby.
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