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Wes G. (Guest)
on 2006-04-27 02:03
Has anyone ever seen cases where WEBrick caches pages even though it
isn't supposed to/isn't configured to?

I have an application where one of my view templates contains an

This iframe has a "src" attribute that points to a file that I upload to
my RoR server.  Then various things happen in the app. and the file is
sometimes overwritten, and then the user is redirected back to the same
view, where I expect to see the updated version of the file in the

In development, using WEBrick on WinXP, I will see that although the
iframe page has been updated on disk, I will _not_ see the updated page
in the browser.

However, when I deploy the exact same code to my test environment, using
Apache on Linux, I don't see this problem - the refreshing always

I'm using the same browser (same instance of the browser (different
tabs) in fact) to view these different results.

So I am assuming that it's a difference in the Web servers.

I have config.action_controller.perform_caching set to false in both
configuration environments.

Also, I've verified that the RAILS_ROOT/tmp/cache folder is empty on my
development box.

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