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Szymon N. (Guest)
on 2006-04-22 21:57

I know very little about apache, so we use whm/cpanel for administrating
server/users/domains etc.

All rails pages work well (but slowly) on cgi. I asked our administrator
to install fcgi and he said it's done and that i should just change in
.htaccess file 'dispatch.cgi' to 'dispatch.fcgi' and it should work. But
it doesn't. I get 500 internal server error. When i try to run
dispatch.fcgi manually i get the same error.

Any ideas how to solve it? Should i change something more than just this
single line in .htaccess with 'dispatch.cgi'? Is it possible to just
check if fcgi is correctly installed? Many rails users had similar
problems so maybe you know at least a link to a topic where such problem
(with working answer) is discussed?

Thanks in advance
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