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Philip (Guest)
on 2006-04-22 04:42
 Hello fellow Rail-builders,

 Is it possible to declare one class that includes two polymorphic
fields as such:

class Mark < ActiveRecord::Base
 # attribute: value, :string
 belongs_to :markable, polymorphic => true

class Property < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_one :name, :as => :markable
 has_one :value, :as => :markable


 Based on what I know of the underlying implementation, this looks
impossible.  One alternative is to declare artificial classes
PropertyName and PropertyValue, each of which has_one :value, :as =>
markable and then change Property to has_one :property_name and has_one

class PropertyName < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_one :value,   :as => :markable

class PropertyValue < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_one :value,   :as => :markable

class Property < ActiveRecord::Base
 has_one :property_name
 has_one :property_value

, which isn't that unnatural -- however, just having additional classes
holding, only id references, seems like not as great as if the
polymorphic implementation in Mark class can actually allow Class#Field
as the value for markable_type.

 What do you think?  Any other suggestion?  (BTW, yes, I suppose
Property can add :through assocation to directly access :markable for

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