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Marcel T. (Guest)
on 2006-04-20 13:32
It is my pleasure to announce that:

Ruby/DLX 0.8.2 is now available for download from (Links
at the bottom of this message)

Short Description:
"No more ruby-C-extensions needed to use the shared C library of your
choice   in ruby, now you can do it directly in Ruby itself! Ruby/DLX
shows how simple interfacing ruby with c-libraries should be. It is
implemented as a frontend to Ruby/DL2."

In addition to the new release, there is now also a growing list of

* ruby-sdl: A binding of libSDL/libSDL_image to Ruby + simple demo
* ruby-ogl: A binding of libGL/libGLU to Ruby + NeHe's tutorials 02 and
07 to act as a demonstration
* ruby-ode: A binding of libode/libdrawstuff (Open Dynamics Engine) to
Ruby, with the TestBuggy as a demonstration.

Again, all of the above examples are using only Ruby (Ruby/DLX), no
specific library-to-ruby-extension-C-code-complexity was required.

Finally, to setup Ruby/DLX and all of its demonstrations on your
machine, a single ruby script called "demo-bundle" is released. You only
need to download this script and run it like:

$ demo-bundle-<version>   <destdir>

This will set up the latest Ruby/DLX and all of its demonstrations in
<destdir> automatically.


directlink to demo-bundle (Ruby/DLX 0.8.2 + demos):
project page:
download section:

Have fun!

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