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Mark G. (Guest)
on 2006-04-20 10:39
(Received via mailing list)
Once again after some work and outside contribution we have another

If you missed the original announcement, rubycomplete provides a vim7
omni-completion function (code completion) for vim. It is based on
complete.rb, pycomplete.vim and ccomplete.vim. Any input is welcome.

I've joined up with the vim-ruby team, so you'll find rubycomplete.vim
in cvs at in addition to my site which will only
carry my full

Whats New:
 * Renamed per discussion on completion file naming on the vim-dev
mailing list

 * In-buffer class parsing and completion - You can now complete methods
for classes
     defined in the current buffer. If you are within a class
definition, the completion
     code assumes your referencing self. Vim will attempt to load any
inherited classes and
     included modules as required.

 * Initial rails support - rubycomplete now attempts to figure out if
your editing a file
     that is part of a rails project. If configured to do so, it will
load the rails
     environment ala script/console to allow completion of rails

 * Bugfixes - missing some range variable definitions
            - fun crash when completing the list of global symbols

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