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unknown (Guest)
on 2006-04-19 09:05
(Received via mailing list)

== Abstract
w3m local CGI of APT.
Package names are hyperlinked, so you can navigate freely.

makes it much faster.

=== Examples

  w3m apt:grep      # apt-cache search grep
  w3m apt-show:grep # apt-cache show grep
  w3m apt-file:grep # apt-file search grep

It is available at

== What's new

=== [2006/04/19] 1.0 released
Initial release

== Install
Please execute the following commands.

  ruby -ropen-uri -e
> apt-cgi-1.0.tar.gz
  tar xzvf apt-cgi-1.0.tar.gz

When you failed, please download it from the next link.


=== Install auxiliary library

  sudo ruby setup.rb

=== Install apt.cgi and urimethodmap

* Locate apt.cgi in /cgi-bin directory, which are shown by issuing `grep
cgi_bin ~/.w3m/config`.
* Add following lines to ~/.w3m/urimethodmap.
    apt: file:/cgi-bin/apt.cgi?cmd=search&arg=%s
    apt-search: file:/cgi-bin/apt.cgi?cmd=search&arg=%s
    apt-show: file:/cgi-bin/apt.cgi?cmd=show&arg=%s
    apt-file: file:/cgi-bin/apt.cgi?cmd=file_search&arg=%s
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