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Berlin B. (Guest)
on 2006-04-18 10:03
(Received via mailing list)
I am working with ruby(activerecord) and want to save a 'hash' of URLs
such that a key is the URL and the value points to a count of how many
times it occurs after processing a csv file
my question; all I know of is right now is to attempt to save, get a
unique error and then when handling the exception increment the hash
value (really a column in a table)

Is this bad?  Or are there better ways?

      word =
      word.word = w.strip
      word.source = url_source

      puts "ERR: Could not save system word (possible unique error)"
      # Potentially, we need to update the record
      found = NumbersWord.find(:first, :conditions => [ "word = ?", w ],
:limit => 1)
      if found
        found.occurrence = found.occurrence + 1

      # End of Exception

Berlin B.
(ramaza3 on freenode)
also checkout alpha version of botverse:
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