Forum: Ruby on Rails Markaby trunk broken?

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Robert MannI (Guest)
on 2006-04-14 17:45
(Received via mailing list)

Does anyone know how I can check out the Markaby trunk? I'm getting this

ruby script/plugin install
+ ./trunk/svnindex.xsl
/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:290:in `open_http': 404 Not Found
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:629:in `buffer_open'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:167:in `open_loop'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:165:in `open_loop'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:135:in `open_uri'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:531:in `open'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:86:in `open'
         ... 14 levels...
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-1.1.0
        from script/plugin:3

Thanks, Rob
Robert MannI (Guest)
on 2006-04-16 02:45
(Received via mailing list)
If anyone can reach _why, can you tell him? I tried by email but no

Although I'm in no position to complain, it's quite annoying, and I love
Scott M. (Guest)
on 2006-04-16 09:15
(Received via mailing list)
you can
install the gem : gem install markaby
or if using subversion
export the trunk:
svn export
or set externals:
svn propset svn:externals 'markaby
arkaby/trunk' vendor/plugins;svn up

that said, i think im getting some oddness with flash[:notice] dumping
3x the
message using r35 (latest) - but that could be something i've broken...

or set externals
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