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Gernot K. (Guest)
on 2006-04-13 12:06
I need a form where the user must enter a city name. I would like to use
an autocomplete_field for the city name, so I have the following code in
my view:

<%= text_field_with_auto_complete 'entry', 'city_name', :size => 40 %>

and in my controller I have the method:

def auto_complete_for_entry_city_name
  @cities = City.find(:all,
                      :conditions => [ 'LOWER(name) LIKE ?',
params[:entry][:city_name].downcase + '%'],
                      :order => 'name ASC',
                      :limit => 10)
  render :partial => 'cities'

This works fine, except when the city name has german umlauts like in
'Zürich'. It looks like I get the raw text from the city field in my
action method.
I then tried to use the observe_field feature like this:

<input type="text" id="city_name" name="city_name" size="40" />
<%= observe_field(:city_name,
                  :frequency => 0.5,
                  :update => :results,
                  :url => { :controller => 'entries',
                  :action => :find_city, },
                  :with => "'city_name=' + escape($F('city_name'))" )%>
<div class="autocomplete" id="results"></div>

This works fine with umlauts, too. The :with-option does the trick.
Unfortunately this is not what I need, I want an autocplete field. Is
there a way to escape the text from my input field using "the
text_field_with_auto_complete" ?
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