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unknown (Guest)
on 2006-04-13 00:19
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Hi Josh,
Thanks for the clarification. Is there any online example somewhere that
you are aware of so that I can see it in action?
Silvy Mathews


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	I wanted to show the image along with other data from the
	How do I do that. Looks like I am not understanding it.
	<td><%= send_file '\\\xx\xx\xxx\abc.gif"',
	                                        :type => 'image/jpeg',
	                                        :disposition =>


What you want to do is set up a controller that handles the dispatching
of the images.  It is there that you would have the send_file command.
Remember that in HTTP you are going to have seperate request for each
item on the page, so map the new controller url using routes and use
that url in your view, for example "/dynamicimages/abc.gif".

Does that make sense?

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